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Nope, you can create ONLY ONE account. We don't allow multiple accounts as such from the security/safety point of view and other reasons.
If you really need multiple accounts then contact us first with a genuine reason or explanation for the same. If it looked reasonable we will make an exception for you.

Topics covered in this article:-

Refund on Invoices

You may ask for the refund for added funds in your account balance on the invoice basis, but refunds are possible only if requested within 24 hours from the date of the transaction and the funds are unused.
Note: Refunds will not be possible if you have used (fully or partially) your added funds from your account balance.

Refund on Campaigns/Orders

You may terminate the campaign or cancel the order (if applicable and available) to get the refund back to your account balance for unused/unspent budget/funds.
Note: Refund will be given back to the account balance only but not be given on your invoice (original payment method)

Exceptions & Special Cases

There are some exceptions => for more details, please refer our refund policy at: 

Going to create a campaign or place an order?
First of all, you need to add funds in your account balance by using an appropriate payment processor such as PayPal, Payoneer, Wire ...etc at:


Bitcoin is a kind of cryptocurrency and you need to have an account or bitcoin wallet at any one of your preferred bitcoin exchange/wallets.
You can buy or sell bitcoins from your account at any bitcoin exchange using your local currency. For more details, you may contact your bitcoin exchange where you have created account or have bitcoin wallet.
Popular BitCoin Wallets: UnoCoin | iGOT | XAPO | Zebpay 
Please follow these steps:-
  1. Please go to https://cpidroid.com/bank.php (login required)
  2. Enter amount of funds (USD) you want to add in "Add Funds" field
  3. Find "Pay in Crypto" tab under "
  4. Select your preferred bitcoin payment processor such as Bitpay
  5. Click "Submit" button to go to a secure payment page.
  6. Send equivalent BTC amount to the unique bitcoin address displayed.
  7. Funds will be credited to your account balance after 6 confirmations within bitcoin network.
Note: After you hit submit, It will take you to secure payment page of chosen bitcoin payment processor, where a unique bitcoin address will be shown, you have to send equivalent BTC to that address.

The minimum possible funds you can add is just $10 (may vary depending upon the payment processor or method)

Please go to https://cpidroid.com/bank.php (login required) for more info

You can find and download all your invoices at:

Just hit "Invoice" button given under Action column to view and download (print as pdf) the invoice.

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