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Top 10% on oDesk for Google Adwords. My name is Tarik Anwar and I have been offering PPC services on all Platform from last 6 years. Now, I started my work online to satisfy you through my honest and dedication. I have hands-on experience in paid advertising field. I focus on delivering high quality services in creating & managing PPC campaigns for my clients' businesses. Great communication & full support. Do you need help with your campaign? I produce and manage highly efficient PPC Campaigns through the use of well researched, cost effective keywords.

I have been employed as an Google Advertising specialist by numerous companies (large and small) over the past three years, and am happy to provide references upon request. I can build or rebuild your campaign, whether it's classic search, Shopping, Remarketing, Video or Display advertising you want.

I have also been certified by GOOGLE and Microsoft.

Let me help you improve your SEA / AdWords campaign(s)!
Google Certified AdWords professionals with over 6 years of experience in PPC, Analytics & Display Ads.

A brief recommendation summary of 3
points of focus, helping you improve your online (marketing) performance. Note that this could require you to make changes to your website.

Experienced Search Marketers
I've worked with & for clients such as UrbanCountry, JimCorbett, KarismaDiet, QGE Consultant, Digital Surge, People Bridge, and many more with only limited/unlimited budgets.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee!
I am not magicians and can't turn your PPC into gold. Nobody can!
Instead, we make you one clear promise:
After working with me, you will
definitely understand more about PPC and/or Analytics
become more confident using this channel yourself.

Once we've delivered, we can offer you a follow-up quote.

What You will get in exclusively Services:


I'm a Google Adwords Expert as I said earlier and I will set up your Adwords/Bing Campaign from scratch.

Keyword Research Is A Critical Step For Starting Or Growing Any Type Of Website. I Will Use The Best Market Research Tool Available To Find The Best Key Words For Your Niche. Customers Receive The Following: A Full Report Of Related Terms To Give Ideas To Choose From. I Can Uncover Golden Nugget KW From Various Niche On Weight Loss, Make Money Online, Health, Beauty And So On. Details On Each Of The Best Keyword Including Number Of Searches, Potential Earnings And Much More.Thanks. And Please Remember, This Service Is Offered Exclusively On SEOCLERKS.


Bronze Campaign-- Cost-$20

Creation of ONE campaign with Two ad group for the search network with max. 20 keywords + 4 ad copies.

Silver Campaign---$50

Creation of One campaign with Three ad group for the search network with max. 40 keywords + 4 ad copies.
Creation of ONE campaign with ONE ad group for the display network + 2 ad copies

Gold Campaign (recommended) - Please order the GOLD ($100)

Creation of as many campaigns and ad groups necessary for your project for search and display network (banner graphics design is NOT included)
Setting up conversion tracking and remarketing
Creation of Product Listing Campaign (if necessary)
Extension Ads
Negative Keywords
Landing Page Review & Recommendations

Please make sure that your website is compliant to the Adwords TOS before ordering. Only legit websites/businesses please.

Get Most Effective Keywords for PPC Campaign:

Getting the PPC keywords that your competitor is using would save you both time and money. No need to spend hundreds of $$ to test and find what is effective. Instead get what your competitor has already spent $$ to test.

I can provide you with a detailed PPC Spy for any website.

- PPC Keyword Report

This report will give you a list of all the keywords that your competitor is using along with Position, Volume, CPC, URL, Traffic %, Cost %, Competition etc

- Competitor Report

This will include details of all the PPC competitors plus other important details.

- Ad Copy

This will provide you all the live Ad copies of your competitor including Title and Description

Complete details of PPC campaign of any competitor in the market. See what has worked for them so you too can take the same key words.

Feel free to ask any questions.

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