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Yellowpages Scraper Lead Extractor Data Scraping


Do You Need Leads?

Are You Tired Of Paying Big Money For Leads?

Do You Wish You Could Stop Copying Yellow Pages Leads Into Spreadsheets?

If you answered yes, then I know EXACTLY How You FEEL!

But here’s the problem. The Yellow Pages work great if you’re going to be using the phone to call businesses. But, what if you want to do a mass mailing, either physical mail or email? You can’t get Yellow Pages information in the right format, unless you , or one of your workers, can type all that information in, or try to copy the online Yellow Pages into a spreadsheet!

Who has time for that?

No One!

The other option is to subscribe to a business database product. But that can cost upwards of $1,500 Every Year!!

Do you have that kind of money laying around?

You need to spend that money on marketing, not on leads! But what if there were a better way?

What if there was a way you could scrape the business contact information from the online Yellow Pages or Yelp? What if you could buy an inexpensive software that would do that for you?

That is exactly what we have created!

The Yellow Pages Sraper

GET UNLIMITED BUSINESS LEADS FOR YOUR COMPANY Note: This is is proprietary and was developed in-house, thus is available nowhere else* I will give you software that you can use to get unlimited business leads. These are the same tools I use to fulfill many of my gigs. It will automatically search the Yellow Pages for all the leads you need. Full instructions and LIFETIME UPDATES included for free with your purchase. Runs on Windows, Mac, and Linux! Home PC or server as well. One single-user license per gig, copy/re-sale rights retained by the author. Information returned by the software

No More Manually Copying Business Leads From The Yellow Pages!Now you can just set The Yellow Pages and Yelp Scraper Pro to scrape the data for you AUTOMATICALLY! Also, The Yellow Pages and Yelp Scraper Pro includes Built-In Proxy Support, so that you won’t get banned from using it too often!

Now, instead of spending days copying data into a spreadsheet so that you can do a mass mailing, you’ll be able to scrape fresh leads for free! In Just MINUTES!! Your only cost for this, no matter how often you use it, is Just The Cost Of The Software. AND THAT’s ALL!!!

And the cost of The Yellow Pages and Yelp Scraper Pro is so CHEAP,I almost feel guilty for offering it to you.

A Lifetime Permanent License for our Yellow pages Scraper

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