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will Bifrost Spider Powerful Bot for Everything Over 10 Million Traffic a Month

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Generate Artificial Intelligent Traffic at Lightning Speed that can do just about anything.

How does Bifrost Spider work?

A small central AI (Spider) that can do all sorts of tasks. It's main Task Module creates bots (spiderlings) with unique identities and disperses them to your web target to generate traffic, but Bifrost Spider can do wonders for your Google Rankings. It will judge your webpage based on several critical factors google looks for in ranking good content then tell you to fix them in order to rank higher. It even has a feature to let you know if google has indexed your page but is hiding the result. Most use it for the traffic and youtube views. Based on the Task Module and your configuration it can use proxies, stay for how ever long you set and send as many bots as you want to the target at a single time. The three main task modules are the Traffic, Youtube and SEO modes. The software is multi-threaded so its capable of running several spiders running 30+ sessions each asynchronously.

Using a multi-desktop tool you can send traffic and still use your own PC without interruption (2+ Cores |4gbs+ RAM Recommended for Dual-Desktop). Windows 10 has the multi-desktop tool built-in (Press WIN + TAB).

Bifrost Spider is signed by Bifrost Technology SSL and Encrypted with our triple fold algorithm.

Don't get scammed by other sellers trying to sell you an outdated traffic bot with no support.

Become a Seller of Traffic and offer High Quality Traffic for a low price

Boost your Google Ranking's with our On-Site SEO checker and Hidden Search Results Checker

Send 500k traffic and Boost Alexa Rankings within the 100k top websites in the world and earn a extremely High DA Alexa Backlink

Proxies required to hide your spiders real location / rotate the location of the visitors.
(3000 Free SSL Proxies Supplied)

All sales help fund Bifrost Technology Projects (AI for Earth, Health & Finance)

Bifrost Spider Features

  • Send traffic to 20+ different websites
  • Set number of Spiderlings per Dispersal
  • Set stay duration/watch time
  • Break Timers (For more realism)
  • Randomized Watch Times [ (time / 2) to (time) ]
  • Realism Mode (Sends the most traffic during 9am - 12pm)
  • HTTPS Proxies Only for Higher Quality Traffic!
  • Agents Randomization (Send PC, Mobile, Tablet traffic) Using the most popular useragents.
  • Send unlimited web traffic
  • Send unlimited page views
  • Works for Google Adsense (Realism Traffic Settings only)
  • Watch videos for cash
  • Realistic Bot Identities (Act just like human traffic
  • Very Low bounce rate and higher custom set session duration.
  • Increase your Search Engine Rankings. Better traffic = Better rankings.
  • Boost Alexa Rankings by sending 1 million traffic to your website and rank within the 100k Top Websites in the World!
  • Run several instances at once to send traffic to 10+ websites without latency. (Recommended 4gb+ of RAM)
  • Easily calculate traffic - Example Calculation: 100 visitors per minute x 60 minutes = 6000 users per hour x 24 hours = 144000 users a day x 7 days = That's over 1 million users a week!
  • Generate Youtube Views using our NEW Youtube mode (Integrated in v1.2.0 Release) - BETA
  • Check your Google Rankings in real-time using our HTML Agility Spiderling to scrape google search. Just select a country and crawl away. Limited crawling per SSL proxy.
  • New on-site SEO spider will rank your website based on our special white hat algorithm. I found out how to rank webpages on the first page of google using purely content and a HTML structure that google looks for when ranking content.

Deploying spiderlings to webtarget. Displays target, proxy, useragent id, and duration.

Options Panel - More Features Coming Soon

Using Bifrost Spider to send 1000s of worldwide traffic - 31 active cities - 43 active users

Clean and Perfect Analytics Report - Really low bounce rate - 40 second stay duration minus 15 seconds to connect to proxy = 24 second session duration


NEW Youtube Mode | Real-Time analytics is delayed due to algorithm checking view count for integrity. Wait 1 to 3 hours for views to reflect. This is a good thing, because you get a very low view drop rate. View the pictures below for examples of what it will look like.

***Any youtube seller claiming to sell you real-time views will have a extremely high view drop rate due to google checking those views later on and removing them. Don't get fooled!

**For information about how google tracks youtube views.
Google search "how video views are counted - youtube help"

For Experienced Youtube Views Farmers only! Must be skilled in staying anonymous!


Ive tried every traffic seller on here and no one beats my bots traffic!

100% Safe Bot Traffic! Impossible to get banned or flagged

Bifrost Spider Updater Included for Free Upgrades for Life

One time purchase gives you access to every new update!

Version: 1.3.0

Last update was: 4/15/2019

User Friendly Interface
-Compatible with Windows 10, 8, 7, XP & Server | Linux | Mac
-Requires Microsoft's .Net Framework 4.7 & Visual C++ 2012 -2017
Instantly get a personal download link from our website and license key.
Feel free to message me with any questions. Fast Responses.

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